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Welcome To Body Beautiful Free Video Mini Course

If you have been looking for ways to actually create shifts in your body where you feel lighter, stronger, healthier and more confident and have not seen the results despite what you may have tried with workouts and nutrition, and are ready to enjoy true and lasting changes at the level of your body and life, then you are exactly where you belong!

Enjoy your Free Body Beautiful Mini-Course Video below where I share the following :

Success Stories

I am proud to report that I have lost 30 lbs in 9 months without doing any crazy diets or any new exercise routines. It was literally releasing the weight of useless energy that I was carrying! Thank you so much!"

A self-paced 8 module course

There is hope! There is a way! We can help our physical body change for the better through ways beyond only the physical tools of exercise and nutrition. This is highly overlooked and under-utilized when it comes to creating shifts in our body! The time is NOW to learn new ways to align with optimal weight, strength, image, wellness and confidence.

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Get a Glimpse into the 8 Power-Packed Modules for Body Beautiful

Meet Shenal
After years of research and professional experience in the Mind-Body-Soul-Spirit connection, I knew it was time to share this vital information…the MISSING LINK around the body’s ability to respond and heal through the Power Of Consciousness.
I went from being a clinical healthcare practitioner to a hospital senior administrator in healthcare management and then became the recipient of healthcare through my personal cancer healing journey.
It was this that led me to merge all I had learned about the science of healing with the soul-level and spiritual connections to health and wellness, catapulting me into my life purpose as I have spent over 10 years helping people to transform their bodies and lives from the inside out, using the intelligence of the body, the power of the mind, and the wisdom of the soul.
One of my loves is teaching and guiding people through the science and creation of their miracles. I certainly hope that you will dive into the self-paced 8 modular program with a fully open mind and heart to new possibilities and create your miracles! If you have been doing everything you feel possible to create shifts in your body but just have not had the results then this program is really for you!
My interest is not to sell you a program. My heart is in this to help people to access new wisdom that can create the changes they deserve in their lives. I have put so much content and so much love into this program that I sincerely hope you will take advantage of the great discounted price being offered!
The Body Beautiful Program

This Body Beautiful course was created in response to high demand as I teach and guide ways to create deep and lasting shifts – NOT another diet, nutritional supplement or exercise program! This is about learning powerful ways to access our optimal weight, strength, image, confidence and wellness through…

The Missing Link
Join me and so many others so that you can finally shift your body weight, strength, image, confidence and wellness by getting to the deeper, root causes that can ultimately allow all that you are doing with your nutrition and exercise to actually work!
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