• Fluid Retention

  • Professional Growth/Career Development

The work I have done with Shenal has been meaningful and real. Her kind and compassionate approach to listening to and releasing symptoms has made a profound difference in helping me take greater advantage of the powerful energies available now. Two sessions ago we focused on fluid retention, and the other day I got off a two and a half hour flight without puffy ankles! Our most recent session was both long and deep, and afterwards, I experienced a “spiritual flu” that helped me complete the release. Shortly thereafter, a new client appeared, and work opened up with a long-standing client. Thank you Shenal!

N.R., Executive Coach and Consultant, North Carolina



  • Daughter’s (11 yr. old) “Abnormal” Spinal Curvature

My daughter’s back had been consistently hurting. My husband told me the massage therapist had felt a small abnormal S curvature on the bottom of her spine. Sure enough I could feel an S at the bottom of Faith’s spine. She was 11 about to turn 12. Chiropractors, doctors, specialists. My husband and I began the conversation of how to proceed. I had been working with Shenal for a couple of sessions.
What she had tuned in to with me had been amazing!… Could Shenal help Faith? They did two full sessions together…  Shenal walked Faith through the process of letting go of the fear of growing up, and of her past and current life experiences that were energetically blocking her. After these two sessions Faith stopped talking about her back hurting completely! She was back to her normal self. A very active performing arts student, singer and lead guitarist in her band! When I checked her back, the S was gone.  When she went for her annual check up the doctor bent her forward and ran her hand down her back. The doctor said “Everything looks good!”  The sweetest sentence I’ve ever heard. Thank you Shenal for helping us discover that the answers and healing lie within us. Not only can my daughter let go of these experiences that were causing her discomfort but she can let go of these for the rest of her lives.

Maureen Haskell, Business Coach with Sage University and Creator of BeGroovyBeGreen, Texas


  • Chronic Knee and Foot Pain

I was fortunate to have a healing session with Shenal and I can say that it was life changing. I’ve been suffering from chronic knee and foot pain for several years and right before I had my session with her I started having pain in one of my hands.  None of this pain was caused by an injury and I had seen a few chiropractors, an acupuncturist and even a medical doctor to rule out anything serious that might be going on.  The medical doctor told me I had severe tendinitis in my foot but there was nothing wrong with my knee other than overuse and getting older. I’m very active and I’m 54 years old.  Everything I tried did not help and I just decided I needed to accept the fact that this is all a part of aging.  Deep down I knew that the body is designed to be healthy and pain free and that’s when I was lucky to connect with Shenal.  She helped me realize the road blocks that were keeping me stuck.  With her help I learned to walk in a space of no fear and full, brilliant movement in my body.  I was able to thank the pain for showing up…teaching me what I needed to learn and then telling it – You can leave!

Thank you Shenal for your amazing work.  The world needs more people like you.

Jane Barlow Christensen, CEO Barlow Herbal Specialties, Utah



  • Severe Eye Infection

I experienced a vital journey down memory lane that Shenal facilitated for me which helped me heal my eye.  I found that introspect is very difficult but very much needed and nearly impossible without aid from a professional (much like Shenal).  Hidden mental blocks stop us from moving forward in a healthy way so it is imperative to remove them.  Thank you Shenal for removing my block and helping me move forward.

A.D., World Traveler & Manager, USA


  • Academic Performance and Test Anxiety

  • Athletic Performance

  • Self-Confidence Issues

Working with Shenal has helped me drastically in both an educational and athletic setting. Prior to her work, I struggled in test performance despite countless hours of studying. I would be anxious and nervous, unable to recall the information I had memorized and practiced before. Therefore, during tests I would perform poorly, and then be upset later, questioning why I couldn’t obtain the grades I desired. Shortly after her assistance, I saw an immediate change. My confidence was boosted and in my next assessment and the following, I received A’s. I was able to get out of my head and actually apply all the concepts I learned.

Another barrier I faced was in dance. I had recently made my school’s drill team, however when practices began I wasn’t able to grasp moves or execute techniques as I had been able to in my studio. I would consistently feel intimidated and inferior. I had only been dancing for 2 years and so naturally I had begun to doubt my capabilities and compare myself to the other teammates. Shenal helped me work through this, and instantly during the next practice everything came much easier to me.

I couldn’t be more thankful for Shenal’s help. Through her work, she has taught me valuable lessons that will assist me in the years to come. Not only was I able to bring light to these areas, but also I was able to grow as a person. Shenal is an inspiration to me and I am so blessed to have the opportunity to know and learn from her.

Khira, HS Student/Dancer, Texas


  • Academic Performance

  • Athletic Performance

  • Various Physical Symptoms

I have had countless positive experiences with Shenal and the work she does.  What I truly love is that she has lead me to the energetic source of my challenges over the past few years and worked with me to heal at a deeper level, rather than covering up the physical symptoms temporarily.  While she does guide you and help you to uncover the underlying causes of your symptoms, as a client you feel truly empowered as you are still the one who makes the changes in your life to resolve them.  Since I have begun working with her, I have been leading a happier and more rewarding life both academically, physically, and athletically.  Each session uncovers new layers to be healed, and the amount of time it takes you to resolve these layers is completely up to you.  I have firsthand experienced just how quickly your physical body can change and heal if you truly put your effort forth to understand why it is there in the first place.  I haven’t stepped foot in a doctor’s office for anything other than for my athletic physical (which is required to compete in school) in the last three years, and have been in the best shape of my life.

Last year during my first semester of college, my grades were significantly lower than I was striving for despite my hard work and studying.  After a couple sessions around this I was able to identify the subconscious belief that had been limiting me.  From that semester to my next, I was able to increase my GPA by over a whole point while feeling less stressed and more confident overall.  Shenal is truly amazing and guides you to the changes you wish to see in your life, no matter the category.  I continue to be amazed by her accuracy and willingness to help you heal at a level deeper than the physical surface, and look forward to continuing my journey with her!

G.K., College Student and Athlete, New Orleans


  • Various Physical Symptoms

  • Spiritual Development

I have worked with Shenal for 2 years. In our sessions she uncovers the next layer to be broken open and through loving guidance, directs me to the source of my resistance where insight and healing takes place. I feel more freedom and peace after our sessions. What a wonderful gift she has.

Deborah Hellman, Akashic Records and Astrology Consultant, North Carolina


  • Digestive Issues

  • Dietary limitations

  • Low Self Confidence

Since the age of 10, I have experienced extreme stomach discomfort when eating. My parents took me to all types of conventional doctors to try to figure out what was causing it. However, the source of my stomach pain continued to elude the doctors. All the tests returned back negative and there was seemingly nothing physically wrong with me yet my stomach symptoms suggested otherwise. All the doctors I visited were baffled and advised me to stay off gluten and dairy saying that I “might” be sensitive. I complied but my stomach continued to hurt every time I ate. After exhausting all the conventional methods of healing with no success, we turned to alternative methods. It was then that I started working with Shenal.

After working with her for about a year, I can now eat everything without any stomach pain. The difference is remarkable. Besides alleviating my stomach symptoms, the work I have done with Shenal has also helped me on a personal level. Through my sessions, for instance, I learned to speak up for myself and not stuff away my emotions. The emotions that I stuffed away were expressing themselves through physical symptoms such as my stomach pain. I used to be reserved and afraid to speak my opinion but now I am more confident and forthcoming with my thoughts. The difference is incredible. I encourage everyone to try this truly amazing and powerful method of healing and transform their lives. This work has done so much for me and I want others to benefit from it as well. It only takes 1 session to start seeing the difference.

Kevan, High School Student, Texas


  • Anxiety

  • Digestive Distress

  • Emotional Unrest

  • Seeking Spiritual Growth

Shenal’s gifts and work are absolutely extraordinary. I would not be where I am today without her guidance and support. To heal years of old beliefs, emotions, and physical symptoms was very empowering.  Her work brought peace, happiness, and empowerment.  The amazing thing is, ‘I myself,’ was able to do the work and the healing; Shenal merely delivered the messages from my higher self / true self.

I had been struggling with anxiety for years and the physical symptoms were starting to get worse over time.  It started spiraling even more when I went through my divorce earlier this year.  At a point in my life when most people would assume that I would fall apart and crumble, I’ve been able to appreciate my experience and heal from it. I am proud to say that I’ve completely healed the anxiety, and no longer experience the physical symptoms.  I was happy to be able to heal it from this type of energy work instead of seeing a doctor and being prescribed a prescription drug.

I will continue to work with Shenal and look forward to the journey and experience ahead. Here’s to great health, happiness, and abundance! Thank you so much Shenal!

Amy, Supply Chain Analyst, Texas



  • Various Physical Issues

  • Emotional/Spiritual Growth

I can sum it up in 3 words…you are amazing!!! I have tried various modalities and began using energy healing about four years ago. I have worked with Shenal over the past two years for a variety of symptoms. With some I experienced instant changes; with others I saw results by uncovering multiple layers.  Shenal is very thorough and her techniques allow her to get to the root of the issue. More than just the “curing” of symptoms, I believe her work and how she approaches it has allowed me to truly heal at a deep soul level and help transform me from a “human doing” to a “human being”. Her wisdom and guidance have literally changed my life. I am eternally grateful to have her in my life.

Leena, Director of Category Management, Texas


  • Low Back Dysfunction/Discomfort

I would like to share my experience working with Shenal. I have had pain in my lower back for two and half years. Trying all modern medicine methods none seem to work. At a suggestion of a family member I began dialogue with Shenal. As we spoke many different things came up to a conscious level. As we continued to speak and work my pain has dramatically decreased. It has been a gift to me as to how a person’s body can heal itself. By using positive energy and changing my perspective my body has began healing on its own. I continue to work with Shenal as needed.

M.S., Teacher, New Jersey