What makes this approach to transforming your life so profoundly powerful?

Well, simply stated, it works!

First, let us understand some basic concepts.  Could it be that EVERY symptom and challenge in life is merely the gateway to transformation – life happening FOR us and not TO us?

Could it be that these challenges and symptoms are merely Universal whispers, taps or knocks waking us up to become the best version of ourselves so we can truly live the life we are here to live?

If you are experiencing physical symptoms in your body OR life challenges with your career, financial situation, or relationships, you are being called to pay attention to the messages embedded in those symptoms.

This approach helps you in identifying what is trapped within that is creating these experiences and helps you to understand the lessons they carry. Then you get to integrate the new awareness into your daily life and watch your life improve.

Like the pony express, once the message is delivered, the messenger and the pony may leave.  Then you have the power to integrate this new awareness into your life.  That would translate as physical symptoms resolving or those life challenges disappearing!

Yes, this is possible!  In fact, this happens all the time for clients working with Shenal and utilizing the tools and techniques that make transformation happen!

Without getting bogged down, you can understand that the work is founded in scientific and spiritual principles.  That is why it works so well.

Imagine living your full potential with abundant health, wealth, purpose, love and joy!

You are here on this planet to live out your life’s purpose, share your special gifts and evolve and grow along the way.  In fact, it is your birthright to enjoy the freedom to be the full expression of your unique self.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, not even yourself.

Since everything in the Universe is energy and we know that energy can be changed, YOU can change and so will your life!

Whether its human physiology, neuroscience, pyschology or the magic of quantum physics, transforming your life can truly happen for you and possibly even beyond your current level of imagination.

You see, it is possible to co-create our life (health, career, financial success, love, joy, purpose and abundance) BECAUSE everything in the Universe is energy including your unseen thoughts, emotions, limiting beliefs, patterns and traumas.  Change your inner world and watch your life change!

So how is this work different from other personal & professional development programs? 

Let’s be honest.  We are intricate beings with 60+ trillion cells, thoughts, emotions, and lots of life experiences.  We know that life can be overwhelming.  Sometimes we don’t know where to start.  Or how to go about it.  Sometimes we need a gentle nudge.

The power of this program lies in its unique, targetted approach that allows the “needle in a haystack” to be identified.

We don’t just scratch the surface.  We navigate together to remove the roots of what is causing these challenges.

Sometimes these roots can trace back through life as far back as childhood, in utero or even conception.  Other times, the roots come from our ancestral lineage or even past lives.

Using intuition, scientific bodies of work, spiritual practices, as well as tools and techniques, all done over the phone, private consultation programs allow for these “needles in a haystack” to be identified so that healing and transformation can take place.

This targetted approach creates a foundation for deeper, more accelerated shifts to occur, allowing for deconstructing of limiting beliefs, thought patterns, negative emotional states and traumas as well as the clearing other peoples’ energy fields.

Through this work together, you will realize that the life you currently are living is a reflection of your inner world.  Imagine what life is going to be like when you finally are able to remove the roots of what may be currently keeping you stuck. Change what lies within and you change your life.  Be free from living the life of a helpless victim of circumstance.

Reclaim your power to live the life you are here to live and to realize the dreams you are here to experience.

Become the co-creator of the magical life you are here to live and manifest what it is that you REALLY want in this life!

Here’s to abundant health, wealth, love and joy!



The Invitation

I invite you to embark on this journey of self-discovery, self-awareness, self-love, self-healing and transformation and reclaim the life that you truly are capable of living…the life of your dreams. Remember, anything is possible!

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