How do I set up my Complimentary Connection session?2017-06-07T13:53:54-05:00

It’s quite simple.  Complete the short form on the Contact Us Page,  email Shenal at Shenal@ShenalArimilli.com or call toll-free 855-380-0888 and schedule your Complimentary 30 min Connection Session. This is Shenal’s gift to you for taking the first step towards reclaiming your power and your life!

At the end of that session there will be an opportunity for both Shenal and you to access whether or not this will be a good fit.  The Client/Consultant relationship to a significant key to success.  A resonance and alignment creates a space for the greatest progress to be made.  Shenal is selective with her private clients as they must meet the criteria of someone who is ready, willing and able to commit to their transformation as well as their financial responsibility. Options will be offered based on the client’s intentions as well as Shenal’s intuition and understanding as to what may serve the client the best in achieving their desired outcomes.

Group sessions are offered but can be discussed directly with Shenal during the Complimentary Connection.

How can this work be done remotely and is it effective?2017-06-07T13:56:42-05:00

Since everything in the Universe, seen and unseen, is energy, this approach is possible over the phone. We are akin to satellite dishes that can receive and transmit electromagnetic signals. Also, there is an Intelligence in the Universe allowing us to trust in the rising sun and orchestrating over 60+ trillion cells in our body. Reconnecting to this invisible Source of Intelligence allows us to effectively and efficiently benefit from this approach without the need for physical face-to-face sessions. Time and money are saved while sessions are done from your personal space at home or in the office.

Shenal’s experience is that being on the phone allows the ego to step out of the way and create greater inner shifts.

What is Shenal doing on the other end of the phone line?2017-06-07T13:59:42-05:00

Since we are all energy, Shenal holds an energetic vibration during the session which supports the principle of entrainment to allow shifts to occur. Her deep intuitive nature, background in the science behind transformation, and strong belief that anything is possible, are all at play. She also incorporates applied kinesiology (often referred to as muscle testing) but does it with a unique tilt, and has coined it clairkinestheticsTM .

Are there age requirements?2017-06-07T14:00:49-05:00

No. All ages can benefit from this work. Shenal has worked with pregnant women/fetuses as well as children and adults of all ages. Very young children can be treated with a parent on the phone while the child is sleeping or occasionally just through the parent’s energy field. Children, depending on their disposition, above the age of 7, can do the session themselves. This is best determined on an individual basis. Parents can be with the children on the phone. Teenagers tend to do best if they do the session on their own without a parent present, but a recording is recommended. 

How do I prepare for a session and what can I expect?2017-06-07T14:03:35-05:00

Your interest and initiation in scheduling a session will bring forth an energetic shift within you that often begins the transformation process before the initial consultation. Setting an intention and having clarity about what symptom or challenge you are looking to find resolve with is an important process that you can do before the session. Here are some things to help you create an environment supportive to this work.

  • Quiet space free of distractions – people, phones, etc.
  • A safe place to relax and let go…a comfortable chair or bed, sitting or reclined.
  • A recorder if you wish to record the session.  Recommended.
  • Hands-free phone (speaker or headset)

During the session, it is an opportunity for you to relax, and let that time be a special time for yourself. When doing this work, you are sending a clear message to yourself and Universal Intelligence of your desire and willingness to pay attention to the symptoms or challenges in your life as a messaging system so that you can change your life for the better.

After first talking to you about what it is that is going on in your life that is calling you to do this work, Shenal will facilitate a short process of relaxation and assist you in moving into the deep core of who you are and heart-centered space, aligning you with the Highest Intelligence within and all around you. Though she may do most of the talking during the session, it is an informal process where you are free to engage if you have a thought, feeling, experience you wish to share. She may also ask you some questions during the session. It is easy, safe and relaxing.

Occasionally as energy is being released and shifts are taking place clients may experience yawning, sneezing, tingling or “goose bumps”, or even burping. Feel free to share any sensations as they occur.

How long are the sessions?2017-06-07T14:07:29-05:00

Complimentary Connection Session:  30 mins

Initial Consultation:  90 mins

Private Sessions:  60-75 mins

Frequency and duration of program will be a joint determination during the Complimentary Connection Session.  

How many sessions will I need?2017-06-07T14:10:59-05:00

Since each individual and each situation are unique, it is difficult to discern exactly how many sessions are needed.  We must acknowledge that we are intricate beings and to get to the root of an issue, layers may be cleared over multiple sessions depending on the severity of the issue at hand, however, miraculous shifts have been experienced from as little as one to two sessions.  Remember, this process is one where you reconnect with your intrinsic ability to heal yourself and transform your life. As the work continues, the ability for clients to tap into a higher awareness seems to escalate, especially with clients who desire to truly reclaim their power to transform their lives.

How are payments made?2017-06-07T14:15:06-05:00

Following the Complimentary Connection Session, a personalized program/plan will be created.  Payment options will be discussed and emailed.  Invoices will be emailed via Paypal.  All payments MUST be made at least 24 hours prior to scheduled sessions.  

Should I take notes during the session?2017-06-07T14:16:20-05:00

No. It is not recommended to take notes during the session as that task takes place in our Conscious, thinking Mind. Our goal is to tap into the deeper part of you, your Subconscious and SuperConscious Mind, where we can affect change faster. This is why it is best to have a recorder available to record the session. Even if you do not plan on listening to the recording, having it present gives you the ability to completely let go and relax.

What happens after or between sessions?2017-06-07T14:34:41-05:00

This varies from client to client and from session to session. Generally, clients report a decrease or alleviation of symptoms and a greater sense of peace at the end of a session. Given that “packets of energetic data” are being released, a lightness may also be felt. With that said, between sessions, if there are more layers that are now able to come up to the surface for transformation, then perhaps a symptom may be exasperated or a slightly different symptom my reveal itself. Generally, this is perfection at work bringing up into your awareness what you are ready to let go of. This does not mean that you have not done the work. It just means you facilitated a process for other layers to reveal themselves and be transformed. We are intricate beings with complex thought patterns and past experiences, so we just honor the process and trust in its unfolding.

 Integrate that which you have learned into your daily life.  Neuroscience supports the creation of new neural pathways as we learn new ways to show up in this world.  Practice, practice practice!  This of course is what transformation is about – living life more awake and aware of our inner world of thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, and yes, actions.  Sometimes, Shenal will offer some “practices” that will facilitate the transformation process.  These could include writing in a journal, visualization exercises, and so much more that is catered to what YOU will benefit from most!