From Mistakes to Miracles

Healing Guilt Consciousness – A Path to Freedom

We have ALL made our fair share of mistakes, small and big.  I know that I have.  I do not believe that anyone is exempt here on our Earth plane from this experience.  It is how we relate to ourselves and the mistakes we have made that either moves us towards the pain and suffering from guilt consciousness or towards the liberation and freedom to re-create ourselves when we see mistakes as a natural part of our human evolution.

What if we all could truly embrace each mistake with acceptance – acceptance that we are human and that we are all students of life here.  Every student makes mistakes from which they are given the opportunity to learn, grow and understand what it is within themselves that they can are being called to see more clearly.

I, for one, have truly felt the emotional and actual physical pain of holding onto guilt.  With guilt, comes an internal, programmed pattern of self-punishment, pain, and suffering.  We often will punish ourselves well before anyone else does in some warped way, hoping that others won’t punish us.  But truth be told, the ONLY person that must stop punishing themselves for their mistakes is ourselves.  We are our harshest critics and are quick to blame ourselves for our mistakes. Sometimes we feel that guilt makes the mistake lesser in some way.  Sometimes we feel that guilt may allow others to “forgive” us for our mistakes.  If I feel bad enough about myself, then maybe someone else will feel sorry for me, or even, forgive me.  But again, this could be a huge mistake that we have been making.  Let’s stop this unnecessary battle within ourselves of holding guilt, self-blame, punishment and pain.  Let us begin the process of deep acceptance even for our mistakes.  Ultimately, we are here to learn, grow and to evolve our consciousness.

Healing our relationship with mistakes will create so much freedom that you will begin to see the mistake as an opportunity to look within and create an even better version of yourself.  When we learn to let go of guilt consciousness and instead assume responsibility for our actions and what drives those actions, we raise our vibration, our understanding and our love for ourselves.  This truly is a beautiful unfolding of self-acceptance and self-love.

With this process comes another natural way for us to then be able to see others’ mistakes from a place of acceptance, understanding and maybe even compassion.  We are all ultimately the same.  We are all ultimately on this journey together.  Accepting another human being’s mistake does NOT mean you like what they may have done, but it is intended to help us understand that they too have a story and a past and unhealed aspects of themselves just as we all do.  This is a humbling experience when we really can touch this way of living.

When we allow our mistakes to be seen as an opportunity to learn, grow, and evolve and to practice self-acceptance and self-love, the very energy of the mistake becomes the energy of a miracle unfolding!

If you are feeling the pain of being stuck, lost, confused, sick, stressed, unhappy or struggling with career, money, relationships, or health, then love and honor yourself and seek assistance.  Take action.  Do something to help you help yourself to reclaim your life.  There IS hope and tremendous potential for you to live the life you really are here to live.  Do an act of self-love and self-care and reach out and schedule your Complimentary Connection Consultation now!

With Love and Gratitude,