Honor ~ Reverence ~ Gratitude ~ Awe |

Who or what is the mastermind behind EVERYTHING in the Universe?  What is this force of creative, powerful intelligence and loving presence behind it all?  This is a deeply important but often daunting question to ponder. You see, through my own journey of healing and life transformation, I was pushed hard, really hard, to come to my own understanding and relationship with this almighty powerful source of love, intelligence, and creation.   As I move forward each day rekindling my relationship with my Creator, I am drawn to the power of Its presence and majesty and feel compelled to share with you my awakening.

Like so many, I was functioning from my limited awareness and frankly, lack of “need to know” who or what this energy was.  I went along my life following what I saw and heard from parents, society, etc.  I grew up seeing my parents praying to deities and followed their Hindu/Jain teachings here in the US at a cursory level.  But fortunately, my parents were open-minded and believed that no matter what we called our “God”, it had to be the same “God” for everyone.  In fact, I fondly remember singing in a Catholic church choir and going to Sunday school in a small town where there was no temple.  I grew up believing that it did not matter what we called our God but that we believed in God.  I remember my mom talking about spirituality but really never realized what that meant until my journey of awakening began almost a decade ago when faced with a life-threatening illness.

With the miraculous creation of a human being in nine short months, to the masterful orchestration of 60+ trillion cells in our body, to the beauty and power of our trustworthy rising and setting sun, and so much more, we can at least begin to understand that there is SOMETHING incredibly intelligent and loving and creative that exists.

This is the FIRST step towards awakening our spirituality.  Because truly, spirituality is NOT about what God we pray to, but rather, how we develop a healthy relationship with ourselves, those around us, the world we live in, and whatever it is that is greater than ourselves – The Universe we are a part of – The Source of our Creation and livelihood.

In our human existence, language is so powerful.  But it also can pose challenges for us as it creates images in our mind and feelings in our heart.  The word or words that describe this powerful, loving, creative intelligence can span a long list.  From God, the Universe, Spirit, Source, Infinite Intelligence, Loving Presence, The Divine, Buddha, Jesus, Allah, Christ, Krishna, Life force, Chi, Prana, Science and so on, we have come across so many names, forms and thoughts about this energy.  But let us not allow language to keep us limited in our openness to know more, to connect deeper and to receive the blessings and miracles that come when we are most aligned with this powerful Source of energy.

What if we let the “word” carry less importance and really focus on the “feeling” of honor, reverence, awe, and gratitude for SOME energy that lies within our Universe and beyond into other Universes?  What if we spend more time in appreciation of Its majesty and Its daily miracles?  What if we actually remember that we are eternally connected to this powerful energy and that it lives within us and all around us?  What if you begin to accept the Divinity beyond just the word or image you have always known and explore its pervasive presence in and of everything and everyone?

This journey of awakening to something greater within and around us could be the magic that we as a human race have been craving and seeking.  Yes, feel free to associate a “word” with this powerful presence and creative mastermind but go deeper than that.  Meet the feeling of love, appreciation, honor and reverence.  Whether it is a specific deity, God, The Universe or Science, know that what is most important is a deep connection to it and a deep awareness that is in you, around you, and working FOR you.  Aligning with your true connection to something greater than you with love and appreciation is truly when you begin to see the miracles unfold.

So many of us are living in the illusion that we are separate from this Infinite, Loving, Creative Intelligence and Presence in our lives. This illusion of separation could be at the root of many of our struggles with health, finances, and relationships.  If you are feeling the pain of being stuck, lost, confused, sick, stressed, unhappy or struggling with career, money, relationships, or health, then love and honor yourself and seek assistance.  Take action.  Do something to help you help yourself to reclaim your life.  There IS hope and tremendous potential for you to live the life you really are here to live.  Do an act of self-love and self-care and reach out and schedule your Complimentary Connection Consultation now!

With Love and Gratitude,