From Mistakes to Miracles – Healing Guilt Consciousness

From Mistakes to Miracles Healing Guilt Consciousness – A Path to Freedom We have ALL made our fair share of mistakes, small and big.  I know that I have.  I do not believe that anyone is exempt here on our Earth plane from this experience.  It is how we relate to ourselves and the mistakes we have made that either moves us towards the pain and suffering from guilt consciousness or towards the liberation and freedom to re-create ourselves [...]

Dissolving the Illusion of Separation

Honor ~ Reverence ~ Gratitude ~ Awe | Who or what is the mastermind behind EVERYTHING in the Universe?  What is this force of creative, powerful intelligence and loving presence behind it all?  This is a deeply important but often daunting question to ponder. You see, through my own journey of healing and life transformation, I was pushed hard, really hard, to come to my own understanding and relationship with this almighty powerful source of love, intelligence, and creation.   [...]

Change Your Life By Changing What Lies Within!

Looking within and facing our inner issues may be difficult.  Sometimes, very difficult.  However, avoiding them is multiple-fold harder.  We often believe that what we don't know or what we ignore does not affect us.  This is far from the truth. In a world of energy, what you hold inside you DOES affect you.  This is the Law of Attraction at work.  What we keep buried within us takes up space and holds a vibration.  Those vibrations attract similar vibrations.  Simply stated, if [...]

Reclaim Your Power To Transform Your Life!

I look forward to sharing with you how my story led me to my passion and my purpose!  I love making a positive difference in the world by empowering others to transform their lives!  I am introducing the launch of my online transformation program as well as my upcoming book in the near future, so stay tuned!  From my heart to yours, here's to abundant health, wealth, love and joy! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE...BELIEVE IT AND YOU WILL SEE [...]

The Courage To…

The courage to change.  The courage to be you.  The courage to heal.  The courage to follow your heart.  The courage to find your purpose.  The courage to share your gifts with the world.  All this courage points to the desire to live this life fully. Today, as I share my work publicly with you, I know that I have touched courage.  Having grown my private consultation practice into a more expansive place, I knew that I wanted to [...]